Transportes and Almacenes Navajas cares about our quality policy, looking for an improvement in the following aspects:

Regarding our workers and collaborators:

- All the drivers have the corresponding licenses and CAP to carry out their activity.

- We meet all the requirements of the Labour Risk Prevention Law. Furthermore, we ask our drivers to go to regular medical reviews that guarantee their perfect condition to do their work.

- We don’t just respect the current law concerning driving times, but we also impose tough sanctions for those who violate those times.

- We previously monitor our outsourced collaborators to check if they have their transport titles, sanitary register of the vehicles, if they are solvent, what their social status is… and other data that can affect the service’s quality

About our vehicles:

- We are provided with our own mechanic’s shop for the maintaining of the vehicles

- Inside and outside washing which guarantees the goods’ hygiene

- Special attention to the conditions and tyre pressure

Aiming our customers’ satisfaction:

- We monitor every service confirming that there are no incidents and that the goods have been adequately delivered.

And contributing actively in maintaining our environment:

- We are gradually introducing EURO 5 and EURO 6 engines, which offer clear environmental benefits. .

- In our fight to reduce fuel consumption, we offer our drivers efficient driving courses.

- We manage the wastes we produce treating them accordingly to their adequate elimination or recycling.