Insulated transport

Transport with isothermal tanks

Logistic and warehousing

As many Spanish transport companies, ours was founded in the sixties by Mr. José María Navajas, in order to cover our customers’ needs transporting local products in short distances. It became soon necessary to adjust the company’s dimensions to the expansion that was taking place.

So, the first national renowned trucks –like Ebro or Pegaso Barajas-, were replaced by others with higher tonnage and autonomy, which enabled us to develop the activity across the whole peninsula.

The evolution has been constant so far. We have always been relying on the advantages that a family business gives, which is also our hallmark. Closeness to the customer, immediacy, availability, honesty and ‘savoir-faire’ are some of the features that have helped us keep our customers for the past 50 years and also attract new firms that consider us an ally for their logistic operations.

Apart from developing the traditional forms of transport, the constant adaptation to our customers has made us specialize in determinate areas, such as:

Insulated, deep-frozen transport.

 Temperature controlled transport.

 Food isothermal tanks - Transport with canvas cover.

 Transportation Agency.

 National and international lines with Europe.

 Warehousing and plant-buffer of large companies.

Certified in iso 9001 from the 2000. We keep, as always, prioritizing quality.


Avda. Mendavia 24. (Polígono Cantabria)

26006 Logroño (La Rioja)

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