At present, almost a hundred professionals work in a company which serves small, medium and big businesses.

Traditionally, our task is transporting foodstuffs in trucks of high tonnage. With this aim, we count with isothermal tanks and insulated trailers, both having their ATP licenses of perishable goods and sanitary registry.

The fleet is composed by 50 trailers of our own, and we count with several business partners who trust us since 1994. However, we don´t want commitments with independent transporters using truck hitch, as we prefer to control the reliability of the services from beginning to end with our own means. That’s how we daily transport 1.600 tonnes of goods: chilled products, bulk goods at a controlled temperature, packaging goods and a variety of items reach the distributor, supermarket or winery.

We can provide an integral solution to the company’s logistic, whatever its volume is. We have more than 20 years of experience as logistic platform for large multinationals. Thanks to this, we have been acquiring the means and knowledge about warehousing systems, traceability of products, expiry, etc… required on the market and adequate to the size of the business.