Letter of Commitment

Letter of Commitment

In Transportes Navajas and Almacenes Navajas we strive to improve the effectiveness of our quality policy, seeking a continuous improvement in the following aspects:

In relation to our workers and collaborators:

– All drivers have the relevant permits required to develop their activity as well as the Certificate of Professional Competence (CAP in Spanish).

– We comply with all the requirements of the Occupational Hazard Prevention Law and we require drivers to undergo periodic medical check-ups to ensure that they are in optimum condition to carry out their work.

– We not only respect the current legislation in terms of driving times, but there are also strong penalties in case of non-compliance with them.

– We supervise the collaborators that we outsource regarding whether transport certificates, economic solvency, current company status, Sanitary Registration permits for vehicles and other data that may affect the quality of the service.

And in relation to our vehicles:

– We have our own workshop for undertaking their maintenance.

– We also have internal and external washing equipment to guarantee the hygiene of the products we transport.

– We pay special attention to the state and pressure of the tires.

In order to achieve our customers’ satisfaction:

– We monitor each service to confirm and ensure the lack of incidents and the proper delivery of the goods.

And to actively contribute to the least possible deterioration of our environment:

– We are progressively introducing EURO 5 and EURO 6 engines, which offer clear environmental benefits.

– In our fight to reduce fuel consumption, we provide our drivers with courses on efficient driving.

– We manage the waste we generate by appropriately treating it for its disposal or recycling.

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