Transportes José María Navajas SL not only invests in modernizing the fleet, but also in new technologies for more efficient fleet management.

The main objective of this investment was to be able to check all the information of our vehicles and drivers in an efficient way so as to be able to make quick, well-informed decisions about the fleet.

It is a simple and efficient system, which is why we chose it among the many options available on the market. This system allows us to locate the entire fleet in real time, recording the routes taken, work and rest times, engine idling times and a detailed summary of the routes which includes numerous statistics. All this with the best possible coverage, which is provided by Movistar’s (Telefónica) network of phone repeaters. So far, we have never lost contact with any vehicle due to lack of coverage, and this is very important for us.

Thanks to this system, we have the valuable agility of having immediate information at our disposal as well as a simple visualization of all vehicles at once combined with the possibility of accessing a detailed view of each one in particular.

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